Your audience are the recipients who receive the communication. 

  • Tick the Select Audience button 
  • Select the checkboxes of the recipients you want to add
    • Tips! Use the filter option to segment on recipient attributes. i.e. Add a specific department name to the department field. Only those recipients associated with the department will appear 
  • Select Add Recipients
    • Note: Only 100 recipients are listed on one page at a time. If using the search or filter option, tick the select all to select all recipients (if more than 100) that are relevant to the search
  • The added recipients will appear in the Added column to the right
  • Tick Continue to add the recipients to the campaign
    • If the campaign is in draft status, recipients will only be added to the campaign, it will not yet send the communication
    • If the campaign is Live, it will add the recipients immediately upon ticking the add button

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