Recipients can be loaded in bulk using the .csv template found on the Recipient upload page.

To Upload

  • Navigate to the Recipient page and select the upload icon 
  • Download the example template file
  • Complete the template, the name and email fields are mandatory. Note the phone number country code and mobile phone number are separate fields. For AU numbers, exclude the leading zero from the phone number. Do not add the + for the country code, Communic8 will append this for you.
  • You can control the privacy of each Recipient. By default all recipients are created publicly. If you'd like your recipient to remain private, In the Private field add Yes to override the default or add No to further keep the recipient public. If you leave this field blank, the recipient will be public by default.
  • The organization must be created before uploading the file. An error will be shown if an Organization has not been created.
  • Upload the file
  • Once the upload is complete, you will see a successful message with a list of successfully loaded Recipients and any errors for failed recipients.

Points to Note

  • You can create a Recipient Group using the existing recipients file.
  • You must create the recipient first, then the recipient can be added to a Group
  • You can export the existing recipients from the import page. You can change any data in the file and upload to edit the  recipient information. Remember, the email address is unique and you cannot update this via the bulk load process. You need to do this manually in the recipient record.

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